GJ Services

GJ Services

GJ has a strong partnership focus and approaches all parts of the construction delivery process in a collaborative manner. 

Our goal is to build long standing relationships with all our stakeholders by being transparent and respectful in all dealings. 

Our expertise in structure has led to us owning our own manufacturing facility that produces a patented wall formwork system (Gulfwall) providing our clients with a market advantage in speed, strength and precision installation of load bearing, structural, acoustic walls. 

In addition, we own more than 15,000 SQM of formwork and scaffolding which allows our in house division to meet any timelines and milestones set by our clients generating significant cost savings for them. 

GJ can deliver projects through a variety of delivery methods including: 

  • Joint Venture
  • Project Management 
  • Construction Management
  • Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) 
  • Fixed Price Lump Sum
  • Design and Construct